This is an EZ project and as such it follows its Privacy Statement and Terms of Service. We find that most sales have a common set of conditions. We list these conditions here to save time for our customers (sellers), who may simply specify exceptions if some of the following does not apply to their sale.

  1. This is a private, personal sale, so there is no tax. 
  2. Sellers are available in the evening, 6-8pm during weekdays, and in the afternoon during weekends. Where the exact location is listed, an appointment must be made at least 2h in advance and preferably the day before.
  3. Only cash payment is accepted for pick up. Alternatives (Interac Email, PayPal, Credit Cards, Bitcoin) might be accepted, but they will incur a transaction fee as they are more cumbersome and more time-consuming, and must be agreed upon in advance.
  4. Where more than one item is listed, buying more items can result in a deal / discount. Otherwise there is very little room to bargain as the prices are usually already listed at the lowest, to sell quickly.
  5. It is best to communicate by text or SMS. To send the seller a text message from a mobile phone where an extension is listed, preface the actual text message with the extension in brackets and send the text message to the number without the extension. The seller might answer back from another number.
  6. Delivery in person may be available for small items, provided that the seller can assure themselves that it is not a prank or "swatting". To that end, the seller may require that the trip costs are covered, which are, at a minimum, a return trip by public transportation (in Toronto that is currently about $5-6). This non-refundable prepayment must be made in advance using PayPal or Interac Email. The seller may take a photo of the item in the mailbox as proof of delivery. 
  7. The seller may specify a specific area where they provide in-person delivery.
  8. It is incumbent upon the buyer to provide specifics of the meeting place as they have presumably requested it and are or should be familiar with that particular place. Where delivery is provided for a public place with no specifics, the North-Western-most point would be assumed - for instance, if it is an intersection of two streets, the seller and buyer would meet in the NW corner of said intersection. If it is a subway station, the meeting would take place either at the controller booth at the pick-up / drop-off exit if it exists, if not at the NW-most exit; if neither exists, then either the Northernmost exit, and if that does not exist either, the Westernmost exit.
  9. The seller might mail an item on request, provided payment is made in full and in advance of shipping. The shipping cost would be that shown by the buyer's chosen courier (such as CanadaPost or Purolator) on their website, plus a $5 or $10 charge to cover the cost of packaging, etc. It is best to request shipping with tracking, to avoid problems down the road. If you find tracking prohibitively expensive, the seller might be able to offer on request video evidence of shipping; where requested, agreed upon by both parties, and provided by the seller, such evidence should conclude the seller's responsibilities.
  10. Where shipping is agreed upon, items must be shipped within 48h from payment clearance.
  11. The buyer may inspect or test the item to be purchased in person, within reasonable limits, for 1 minute for free. Extensive non-destructive testing is using the seller's time and might require $10/30min paid in advance.
  12. The seller might not be able to accommodate a late or non-punctual buyer. Please text (as shown at 4) to let each other know a changed ETA and / or reschedule if necessary. The seller will also text the buyer if late.
  13. All sales are final and the items are sold "as is". There is no refund or warranty implied, unless specifically agreed upon in writing and signed by both parties. The seller should satisfy themselves that it is the product they want and in an acceptable condition prior to purchase.
  14. Due to high fraud rates, unsolicited or "mistaken" wire transfers will be either ignored or reported to the police. For the same reason, payment by cheque is not accepted.
Have a fun, productive time selling and buying!

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