Smartphones, Electronics, IKEA furniture, and more!

The items for sale are described in the photo album, and that is probably the easiest way to browse through them. If you do not see the rich media below, go to its main page or new. You may browse the items, with more detail, as well as the asking prices, on Craigslist and / or Kijiji. If you see a small solid triangle at the beginning of a new paragraph, you may click it to reveal more text. You may also jump straight to Availability, Location and Directions or Contact. You can request most of the text in each section below on your mobile phone by texting 416-EXTRACT (398-7228) with the extension listed in the ad and a hashtag of the heading. For example, texting "9xx #location" (without quotes) will return the address while "9xx #public" will return public transportation detailed directions. Obviously, you need to replace xx above with the actual digits of the correct extension number.

All the Goodies

The prices listed below are the original prices. Asking prices are generally fixed, unless you are buying more than one item, in which case you may get a significant discount. Items less than $15 must be purchased together with other items to meet the minimum sale price.

However, if you would like to see more details, you can see them below. There are more items than we can possibly list here - chances are, if you need something, I probably have it! All prices are negotiable, all the offers are considered, everything must go, and if you get more things, you can certainly get some for free!

  • Sanyo 1000 W, 1000 cu. f. microwave from Costco - unboxing video
  • Hoover WindTunnel V2 12A green bagless upright vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration and option bag attachment (YouTube, hoover) - this was top of the line and Consumer Reports Recommended Buy when purchase, originally at $3-400 + taxes
  • 3Only 1 Adel biometric (fingerprint + code) door locks originally $199 (Biolock and Adel) - YouTube - allows you to open the door simply with your fingerprint, by a configurable numeric code or by key and each supports up to 99 users - never worry about entry keys again! Manuals: Biolock - PDF, Adel - 788, install.
  • Never-used Speakout SIM card with $130 verifiable credit, expiring December 27, 2014 (no other prepaid has such a long expiry date). It uses the Rogers network (national). The account can be fully administered online and you can add various Voice, Data and Text packages. For instance, full Data (Internet access) can be added for only $10/month, 100 MB included for free. Selling it for $125 - you save taxes (almost $20) and, obviously, $5. I am selling it because I plan to leave the country. I am using the Data connection for all my Voice (via VoIP from, graciously providing this service) and SMS needs + also Google Map when necessary, Facebook, etc. 
  • Unlocked (never locked) Samsung Android Google Galaxy Nexus phone - this was a flagship phone back when I purchased it straight from Google for $5-600 1-2 yrs ago and I liked it so much I got two of them. Since then, I figured a way to save battery and decided I don't need two anymore. Sold with power adapter, original box, charging cable, black or white Samsung headphones, protective cover, and either a black silicone gel cover, a brown leather wallet-style cover or clear plastic protective cover for the body of the phone. This phone can also run Ubuntu Linux together with Android. You may get also a SIM card with Data thrown in for free (see above).
  • Pico PK101 pocket projector. It's a great portable projector you can use to watch movies off your smartphone. Info and reviews on YouTube, Amazon (d), ProjectorCentral, TrustedReviews and PC Magazine, LaptopMag. Like new, original box, used only once or twice. 10.3 x 5 x 1.5 cm ; 476 g - originally $300. Here's a video on connecting an Android phone with a $0.99 cable such as
  • SHOEI Qwest Matte Black S motorcycle helmet. It belonged to a friend who witnessed her first collision only after a couple of months of riding. My friend barely had a few scratches and the helmet did not take any hit (she was stationary when some car brushed against her, you can Xray it to be sure), but she stopped riding, buying a car instead. Regular prices are in the US $400 range - all offers considered. (YouTube)
  • *2 IKEA queen sized wooden bed-frames, one rustic, arched, originally $250, the other squared, like Hemnes but white & birch combination, slatted base, originally about $419 + taxes) + 1 queen-sized box mattress
  • vertical fan with remote control - various wind simulator modes
  • IKEA living room "cube" furniture (4 modules of 4 squares, much like Kallax @ $35 each + 2 modules of 2 squares) with recessed lights, 8 wooden doors, 2 crystal doors and 2 shelves (example, Expedit, Kallax, Gizmodo, actual photo)
  • IKEA bookcase (Billy birch veneer 80x28x202 cm, originally $99 and others)
  • IKEA Malm-like 4-drawer dresser (but glossy finish) originally $119, size: 31 1/2x39 3/8"
  • pliable / portable white oval computer desk with top shelf and matching chair
  • *IKEA white business desk with Signum ($12) cable management
  • IKEA white metallic computer desk with keyboard tray and wheels
  • Monitor arm with sliding keyboard tray, rated for heavy monitors, can withstand even heavy LCD monitors (sieso-ergo but with only one tray); originally $160+taxes
  • *Sliding under-desk keyboard tray with extensible mouse tray, currently attached to the white business desk above (Fellowes, Amazon); originally $150
  • metallic portable bar stools
  • white oscillating standing fan $20
  • VSOP Cognac Courvoisier 40% 50 cl US $60
  • Canadian Club Classic Whiskey 40% 375 ml with 2 glasses gift set (aged 12 yrs)
  • Bluetooth Microsoft Keyboard 6000 with numeric pad - use it with your tablet or smartphone (Amazon, YouTube) originally $100, hardly used, in its original box
  • Targus bluetooth portable keyboard AKB33US - works great with a smartphone or tablet, very low power consumption (Amazon, YouTube, PDF)
  • Wireless Multimedia Keyboard and Mouse A4 Tech PS-2 with AA batteries (2 mouse, 4 keyboard) similar to Logitech; I also have an optional PS2-USB adapter. (NewEgg, Direct, FP,) originally $40
  • Altitude deHavilland memorial clock (black, small, Quartz, battery)
  • *Photo frames, posters and other frames
  • webcams, some with low-light LEDs or Infrared
  • Hamilton Beach white single serve blender (HB, Amazon, YouTube)
  • Vitamix 5000 blender white - ($5-600 + taxes brand new) - 2HP, 2L container - YouTube, Amazon with original recipe book + DVD + Bonus book Kitchen by Michele Cranston (Amazon) $31
  • Taylor 5786 glass body fat scale - measures weight, muscle to fat ratio + BMI + profiles + athlete mode (MSRP $50) Uses BIA to measure body fat & body water percentages to .1% as well as muscle mass and BMI. 1" LCD readout, accurate to 400 lbs in .2 lb increments. Athlete mode, memory for up to 10 users (YouTube, instructions)
  • Thermometer + Barometer classic style
  • Oregon Scientific weather predictor + atomic clock + outdoor wireless sensors and displays + moon phases $60 new (G., manual1, manual2, A)
  • tall, white metallic shoe rack - 4 Tier Shoe Shelf 27-7/8-Inch H By 25-3/4-Inch W By 11-5/8-Inch D - (ss, HD, HD-big, floor, A) original price: $19.97 + taxes
  • silver metallic shoe rack - small and large versions; also, coat hangers
  • corkscrew / tire-bouchon shrink-wrapped gift set
  • *7" Christmas artificial tree + LED lights + Martha Stewart decorations
  • 18" Black & Decker LM115 green electric lawnmower, 7 A, 35 lbs, 55L x 23W x 36.5H (139.70 x 58.42 x 92.71 cm) - Amazon, YouTube) $140-200
  • red square plates set $30+taxes
  • various decorative objects
  • IKEA lamps with UV filter + other natural light special formulation lamps
  • Cable modem SB6121 + DSL modem
  • Hawking HWR54G 54 Mbps 4-Port Wireless G Router WPA VPN firewall IPsec (Amazon)
  • La Fonera FON2201BG router with LAN (Amazon, YouTube, Wiki, OpenWRT, PDF,, dd-WRT, BlogSpot)
  • HDhomeRun device providing OTA HDTV signals for free, in high quality, to computers and tablets on your network, including smartphones, Windows, Mac and Linux + amplified and un-amplified antenna (YouTube, PDF, box, Amazon) originally bought for $109 + taxes
  • Casio black CTK-533 MIDI keyboard (YouTube, Casio) bought for $260 + taxes
  • Yamaha Eterna (EF31?) acoustic guitar with black case (YouTube) bought for $130
  • Sony miniDVD camera DCR-DVD103 (Amazon, YouTube)
  • Dell ST2220T (YouTube, A, similar) 21.5 in monitor with touch screen, stereo speakers, USB hub and stand, originally $320
  • Dell 20.1" UltraSharp pivoting monitor with USB hub 2007WFPB (Amazon, YouTube), originally well over $100
  • Zenith ZHX-313 VCR/DVD AM/FM 5.1 Dolby Surround tuner combo $1-200 (A)
  • Philips 5.1 Surround Sound 5-DVD MP3 CD changer with 40-preset AM/FM Tuner MX3950D (TD, A, Philips) $279 + taxes
  • Shuttle SN85G4 v2 cube living room quiet computer with 2 GB RAM, ATI multimedia card, Athlon 64 3200+ and multi-boot: Windows XP, Windows XP 64, Windows 7 64, Ubuntu Linux (Shuttle, XPC, YouTube) - this originally cost over $2000, but all offers will be considered
  • Nokia 5100 multiband, water resistant, LED light, FM radio, 2 additional batteries, Java apps, recharger and headphones (Wikipedia, GSMarena, PDF, YouTube). Its original blue rugged case / faceplate is a bit worn out, so selling with a brand new black and white one. With its water resistance and Internet capabilities, it's great for travel to areas where more expensive phone can be easily lost or stolen. (I also have a really old 5110 that can be used in special projects.)
  • Alcatel One Touch 356 (PDF, YouTube, Amazon) with FM radio RDS, speakerphone, vibration, MP3, 1 GB MicroSD (up to 4GB), TFT 65k color screen (160x128 pixels), 6.8 Hours talk time / 3750 Hours standby time, camera and physical keyboard, purchased 2013 originally for around $60.
  • Sport equipment: Salomon skis & boots, snowboard & Lamar boots, ice skates, K2 line skates, water sports buoy vest
  • 4 tennis racquets: Prince Classic Graphite Comp LX Mid Plus, Wilson Kids Rak-Attak Titanium 25, Prince Synergy Series Rage Titanium LongBody, excellent condition, originally over $100 each
  • Hard Drives - laptop, 80GB Hitachi 7200, desktop from 80GB - 2 TB
  • Fellowes Plastic Comb Binding Machine PB150 originally around $200 (YouTube, Amazon); dimensions: 15.5 x 16.8 x 14.5 inches, 20 lbs
  • Fellowes laminator (laminating machine) EXL 041217 W A 0039737 CRC 92071 - hot and cold 9.5" originally around $100
  • Savage Arms Air Rifle 500 Series with scope, muzzle, noise reduction and case - purchased from Walmart for around $130, selling together with manual and unused ammo (YouTube, forum, YT-comparison)
  • Bug Off Instant Screen with magnet 34 x 79 (YouTube, Amazon) originally $65
  • GOLITE P2 Blue LED Light Therapy by Apollo Health Systems (Amazon, YouTube) originally $100
  • BarWizard - standalone device with cocktail database
  • Stinger indoor outdoor insect killer bug repellent fryer - originally $100 (Amazon, YouTube)
  • *Dimmable Fluorescent Torchiere Floor light - originally around $100
  • Schwinn Indoor Magnetic Bike Trainer turns any bike into a stationary exercise bike. Unit folds down for storage. Leveling feet. Heavy duty construction. Magnetic resistance for variety of fitness levels. $95 (Amazon, YouTube)
  • Cobra MicroTalk GA-CC 2-way GMRS/FRS pair of radio / Walkie-Talkie 20 mile radius, with charger, earpiece and 2x4 NiMH rechargeable batteries included. originally around $100 (Amazon)
  • Elenco 11" Desktop Political Globe - originally $30 (Amazon, YT)
  • Thrustmaster NascarPro USB PC steering wheel with buttons (Amazon) - originally $40
  • 6-ft Davidson folding aluminum step ladder originally about $100 + $50 s&h (Amazon, Walmart)
  • SiPix A4 direct thermal IR portable PocketPrinter A4 originally around $70+ (Amazon .ca)
  • Vtech VT 5821 cordless phone 5.8 GHz Digital Spread Spectrum with AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries and 50 names Caller ID, 50 names phonebook, belt clip; originally purchased for close to $50, this phone never "expires" the way cordless phones with proprietary batteries do, as its batteries are cheap and plenty (similar to this Panasonic)
  • Automatic Card Shuffler #375 Ages 6+ (Amazon) originally $15
  • Coleman Mountaineer IV 2-person tent 9' x 7' 9272A907 (coleman)
  • set of 8 billiard glasses originally $20 (Amazon)
  • Xbox classic with joystick, remote and several games (made into an amazing MediaCenter)
  • Toshiba Portege M200 tablet hybrid laptop dual boot Windows / Kali Linux (Amazon, YouTube: 1 2 3 4 5 6) with stylus and docking station originally $200
  • Toshiba Portege M400 tablet hybrid laptop - motherboard doesn't always post (Amazon, YouTube: 1)
  • 2 NAS units (DNS-323 and DNS-321) with 2TB HardDrives running Linux originally $100 (Amazon) and $140 (Amazon), respectively
  • outdoor 100ft (or 150') orange electrical cord on reel, originally $50-60 (Amazon)
  • several sleeping bags
  • queen size inflatable mattresses - one Intec very big, the size of a box mattress, and also a thinner one
  • 10+ freezer ice packs collected from various coolers (Amazon) originally about $10 each; only a Coleman cooler available, stores 6 pop cans with freezing pack between them (.com, .ca) - originally $15-20, including the freezing pack. DIY A/C YT
  • Logitech Formula Force GP Wingman Wheel force feedback PC USB with pedals (Logitech, Amazon, YouTube, PDF) originally $244
  • framed mirrors 20"x 25", silver and baroque style, originally $60 each
  • Bicycle stand (holder) - 2 bicycles (Amazon, YouTube) originally $40
  • Large collection of VHS tapes, mostly movies from the 90s, some original, some timeshifted from TMN or PPV
  • Toastmaster coffee bean grinder (Amazon, Walmart, YouTube) originally about $30 + taxes
  • Skil 5150 7 1/4" 10 Amp Circular Saw (Amazon) originally $50 + taxes
  • Cyberpower 1100 UPS
  • *HP flatbed professional scanner Scanjet 6250C with ADF - USB & SCSI (o, HP; G4010 drivers, PDF)
  • Canon USB flatbed Scanner LiDE 500f with film / negative adapter (Canon, Amazon) originally $150
  • Canon PIXMA i90 Portable Color Photo Inkjet Printer (Amazon: US$395)
  • Dlink DNS-321 NAS + 2x1TB Seagate drives (Amazon) originally $140
  • IKEA Lots mirror 2x pack 30cm 12" (8 pcs) - $10
  • iGo battery holder with rechargeable NiMH and NiCd batteries + battery tester + cordless AAA screwdriver (Amazon)
  • XCraft Cooler Master X Craft 350 USB eSATA HD case SATA enclosure (tg, ms, pca, bcu, nbr, kl) originally $60
  • Belkin Power Pack 2000 F8M159 power bank with microUSB cable output 5V 1000mA (Belkin, utf, A, YouTube) originally $59.99
  • La Fontenna weather-proof indoor/outdoor WiFi antenna with coaxial wire, originally $25-30 after s&h and hidden taxes (fon, tc, varsavsky, engadget, gibson, Francais 15,99 €, elfon)
  • signal boost high-power "screw-in" antenna - $5
  • Azio External 3.5" USB 3.0 eSATA HDD Enclosure E315U31 SATA tool-less (Amazon, PDF)
  • Rugged Fuji FujiFilm XP21 dust/freeze/waterproof, 16ft underwater camera (Amazon, PDF)
  • 500 poker chips set in aluminum case (costco, Amazon)
  • Danby Designer Microwave Oven 1000W 1.1CuFt(31L) Stainless Steel (Danby, PDF, Specs)
  • Sunbeam Danby Compact Refrigerator Fridge w/ freezer c 1.7 cu ft SBCR139WE (Sunbeam, PDF)
  • 3 Fishing rods: 140 G Mitchell F669-MS 6'6" 198cm Med, Spin Made in Korea. Infinity rd 30 ball bearing south bend 6'6" 2 pc spinning rod wri-345-x medium action. Shakespeare 2435 Pro Touch rod sp 60 78-5502 1.72 5'9"
  • TRENDnet 24-Port Unmanaged Teg-s224 10/100/1000 Mbps Gigabit Rack-Mount Metal Housing Switch (Amazon: $95)
  • Curtis DVD1084 USB SD microphones (c, manual specs)
  • Detachable Twin Speakers Panasonic RX-CT810 boombox AM/FM stereo radio, CD line in, dual cassette dubbing Player/Recorder 6 D batteries (manual, presentation, mod, museum)
  • Rubbermaid 3' x 3'5" smooth plastic chair mat for carpet or hard floors
  • IKEA 4 crystal doors 15.5in with silver knobs and hinges - fit standard IKEA cube furniture
  • Kidde co kn-copp-3-rc carbon monoxide detector with wall adapter and rechargeable battery backup (PDF, Amazon)
  • WD TV Live Plus HD Streamer Netflix Player Multimedia Digital "play anything" Hackable Receiver wdbabx0000nbk-00 (W, Amazon, NE, specs, quick, manual, fw) US$400 on Amazon
  • Air vent amplifier brown - Cyclone air booster fan + built-in thermostat - 2 pcs (Cyclone, Youtube, Amazon, CT, $35)
  • PCMCIA (CardBus) to PCI adapter - use your laptop card in your computer! (Amazon, NE $20-50)
  • T-care Wa01 water leak detector with wired sensor, wall adapter and 9V battery backup - upon detecting a water leak sounds alarm (Amazon, $20)
  • Spy Cam Samsung 12v Clock radio + wireless camera PE-RAD (TD, $99)
  • CD shower AM/FM radio (Amazon $50)
  • Sylvania 6 sheet shredder (Amazon $30-50)
  • Many coaxial, a/v, phone cables and adapters
  • iSun solar recharging station (gb, r $70-100) and BattPak charger + accessories (A, tjt, su, spg, ih, $40-70)
  • 8pcs Garage Storage Set - unopened box ($40-50)
  • Kodak Zi8 with bonus 3 spare batteries + universal battery wall and car charger + and 2 external microphones + stereo to mono audio splitter (Amazon: US$400)
  • X10 Home Automation and security modules + security cameras
  • Maxtor Rugged External Personal Storage 5000LE drive with Easy Backup Button
  • DaLite pull-down screen + mounting brackets $150
  • set of 3 35mm cameras: Kodak, Yashica, Olympus; simple, 2 of them use 2 AA batteries, the other 2 AAA
  • ATI Remote Wonder II (PDF, Yt, r, Linux, NE, A)
  • Rival 4.75L 20-cup rice cooker with steaming basket, originally around $70 (A)
  • Programmable breakfast station Combo toaster coffee egg boiler originally ~$70 (A)
  • Nortel Aastra Vista 390 Powertouch PT390 business phone (A)
  • Sprint Canada simple corded phone with call display
  • voice changing phone with M/F switch
  • Cisco Linksys PAP2T VoIP phone adapter in original box (A)
  • Universal power adapter - several voltages and power jacks
  • Touch 'N Tone by Conair Vibrating Massager with Six Attachments (A:US$85+7.50)
  • Eton Rugged Rukus splash and drop-proof Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Solar Powered Speaker and phone charger (A: US$180.77)
Please see Conditions for a smooth transaction.


I am generally available weekday evenings around 10-11pm, and early morning to noon on the weekend except Friday, when I am usually unavailable. Since I do not live in my storage room, we need to schedule an appointment at least one day in advance and reconfirm about 2 hours prior. It may take me 45 minutes to get there, so I would appreciate advance notice if you are going to be late, as I cannot wait more than 15 minutes without notice. I will also try to let you know if I'm running late by texting, although that is not always possible (for instance, if I'm stuck in a subway delay and/or my phone is dead). If you need to inspect the item for more than 1 minute, please let me know in advance. Please also let me know in advance if you are interested in more than one item, as most of my stuff is tightly packed and it might take me a while to find it.


Most of the items I sell are located at "Secure Self Storage", 4590 Dufferin St, one block North of Finch, on the West side of Dufferin, in Toronto, North of an office tower and South of Discount Car Rental ( The building is quite large and has several entrances. The most accessible at all times is the North side-entrance right next to Discount Car Rental, pictured below. There is a parking lot right in fron of it, which is actually the second parking lot you see as you come from Dufferin.

View Larger Map

North (side) entrance. From 4sale or 4free

It is best to look online and let me know in advance what you want if you want more than one item, as everything is tightly packed and I might need to look for it. The building has several entrances and exits, some triggering a fire alarm and only one is open and easily accessible at all times. Going through the details below will save time and avoid delays.


Driving North from Finch and Dufferin, you will first see on your left an office tower with a Druxy's Famous Deli at street level. Keep driving North on Dufferin, and you will see Secure Self Storage with its big electronic scrolling sign, not always properly set up. Keep driving and turn left (toward West) onto the small street in between Discount Car Rental and Secure Self Storage, and you will first see a small parking lot on your left. Drive past it toward the bigger lot, on a slight slope upward, until you see the entrance with large glass doors. Once arrived, text me with a description of your car and I'll come with the item.

Public Transportation

Take the subway to Downsview subway station, or the 196 Express if coming from Yonge and Sheppard. Take then 196B Express to York University from the bus platform, and get off at Finch, which is the first stop, about 5 minutes from Downsview. Other options are 105, 117, and Viva Orange. Cross Dufferin to the West side then walk one block North, along the bus pathway, to 4590 Dufferin, Secure Self Storage. You will see a big sign and a scrolling text panel in its front yard. Keep walking to the small street before Discount Car Rental, then turn left and walk West in-between the two buildings to the large glass doors representing the North side-entrance. Text me when you are at the entrance with a description of yourself and I will come with the item.


To deliver, I have to go get the item from storage and bring it to our meeting point. I can only deliver small, light items in the area South of Bloor, between Bathurst and Parliament, except Toronto Islands, as well as any TTC subway station. I require a minimum $6 prepayment to cover my transportation costs, preferably by Interac Email, with the balance due in cash on delivery. For a smooth transaction, please be sure to uniquely identify the meeting place and provide a description of yourself. In particular, subway stops have more than one exit so please specify it. Please see Conditions for more and for shipping. Please note that in order to deliver anything, I need to make at least 3 trips by TTC and especially around rush hour, there's a good chance I will be late due to TTC issues; if and when that happens, I will keep you updated by text/SMS.


Cash is preferred but other methods (except cheques or money orders, which I will never accept) may be agreed upon in advance. Payment is only accepted in person, unless we agree on some shipping method in advance. I might be able to accept PayPal or Interac Email for payment in person - please let me know well in advance so that I can be prepared. For Interac Email, you may set a question with the answer nomoneyorder (no spaces). You may use the email address listed below.


My smartphone is quite unreliable for voice communication and I prefer to answer queries by email or text. However, if you prefer voice communication, please call Andrei at 416-EXTRACT (i.e., 398-7228) with the extension from the ad, SMS the same number starting your message with '9xx' without quotes, or email
It is best to SMS at the number above, in advance, as we may not have access to email remotely. Also, please note that when entering the extension you should not press 9 twice, once is enough, and you need to enter the digits at 1-2 second interval, even while a voice message is playing. Finally, I am often in noisy or non-private environments where I cannot answer the phone or return phone calls, which is why I prefer to conduct these transactions over email or SMS (text).


Here's how to make at least $75 quickly by simply opening a bank account with the second oldest Canadian bank, established 1832. They will give you $50 as their standard offer, but if you use my Orange Key, 13727786S1, I will give you an additional $25 out of the $50 they will give me. You can copy the key then go to their website or email me, telling me you want a referral, and I'll send it your way straight from their website. They have some additional promotions allowing you to make more money in bonuses.

..and here is the story if you're interested in the details..

Tangerine is an online bank started by ING Direct (a Dutch bank, who left the Canadian market a few years ago, selling it to Scotiabank). Just like any Canadian bank, it is insured by the government - FDIC, so it is just as safe as any other Canadian bank - and Canadian banks are considered among the safest in the world. However, unlike other banks, they have very few expenses, because they don't have to maintain a brick and mortar presence. They currently have a promotion where they'll give you $50 just to open an account with them, linking your existing bank and depositing $100. They give you $50 within a month or less, after which you can take your $150 and do whatever you want (you can take your $100 back even before receiving $50, but they might not give you $50 then). They are betting that once you see that they don't charge you any fees and they give a respectable interest rate even on your chequing account, you'll do most of your banking with them.
An unfortunate truth in the Canadian retail banking market is that many banks promise "free banking" but they seldom deliver, charging you for all sorts of things. With Tangerine you don't have to close your other account. You will even earn real interest on your money, around 2%, and can make additional cash bonuses if you switch your payroll. They will not even charge you overdraft for the first 20 days or so.
If you use my "Orange Key"- 13727786S1 - when signing up, they will also give me $50, which I will share with you by giving you $25 by Interac Email (which is a free transaction with them) or by delivering one of the items I'm selling for free. Everybody wins - they win a good customer, you get $75 and truly free banking with good interest and I get $25. Once you join, you can tell your friends and make additional $50 yourself this way. Obviously, they could stop this offer at any time and then I won't be able to give you anything, so please act fast if free banking interests you - - or, if you prefer, email me (see below) and I will email you the invitation.

Spread the word about this sale with the photo album, the flyer, the short URL for this page ( ) or the barcode matrix:

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