Electronics and Kefir Grains

The items are described in the photo album, and that is probably the easiest way to browse through them. If you do not see the rich media below, go to its main page. You may browse the items, with more detail, as well as the asking prices, on Craigslist and / or Kijiji as long as they are not expired.

composite image of meeting location: 145 King St W 'Retail Concourse' entranceYou can request most of the text below on your mobile phone by texting 416-EXTRACT with the extension listed in the ad and a hashtag of the heading. For example, texting "9xx #location" (without quotes) will return the address while "9xx #public" will return public transportation detailed directions. Obviously, you need to replace xx above with the actual digits of the correct extension number.

If you see a small solid triangle at the beginning of a new paragraph, you may click it to reveal more text. You may also jump straight to Availability, Location and Directions, Contact or Freebie.

All the Goodies

The prices listed below are the original prices. Asking prices are generally fixed, unless you are buying more than one item, in which case you may get a significant discount.

However, if you would like to see more details, you can see them below. There are more items than I could not possibly list here!

  • Kefir grains as low as $5 free, depending on quantity and communication (2215644158724066); see my draft guide at https://j.mp/kefiraz 
  • Acer E5-471P-39BF i3 multitouch laptop $200 with some cracks
  • Belkin F8M159 power bank
  • Oregon Scientific atomic clock with alarm and weather prediction + night ceiling projection + radio controlled temperature and humidity sensors $20 each
  • power bars and 3x + 6x power outlet multipliers $1-5 each
  • BlacX Thermaltake eSATA & USB Docking station for 2.5" / 3.5' SATA HDD - $30
  • 7x USB hub $20
  • Google Galaxy Nexus smartphone (by Samsung) + wireless charging desk stand - $150
  • Cyclone brown powered air vent fan $35(sold)
  • 2TB 2HDD NAS
  • Samsung 17 in SyncMaster 171N LCD monitor; support & cables extra
  • Oregon Scientific radio controlled self adjusting atomic clocks with internal and external temperature, humidity sensors
  • some sweets, etc on Andrei's Bunz
Please see Conditions for a smooth transaction.


I am generally available weekday evenings 8pm-9pm, and occasionally 9-10am and 3pm-4pm. We need to schedule an appointment at least one day in advance and reconfirm (preferably by text) about 2 hours prior. It may take me 45 minutes to get there, so I would appreciate advance notice if you are going to be late, as I cannot wait more than 15 minutes without notice; if we fail to reconfirm, we may have to reschedule. I will also try to let you know if I'm running late by texting, although that is not always possible (for instance, if I'm stuck in a subway delay and/or my phone is dead). If you need to inspect the item for more than 1 minute, please let me know in advance. Please also let me know in advance if you are interested in more than one item, as most of my stuff is tightly packed and it might take me a while to find it.


I can meet you in the SE corner of the King St E and University Ave intersection, at the St Andrew subway station (outside on nice weather, inside “Concourse Entrance” otherwise). You may google 145 King St W or use https://goo.gl/maps/6BuSCvnuTQJU9Yvx9. Note that the building is large and you may end up in a location different from the SE corner of the intersection; the photo of the location, posted at the top of the page and available at 3KskbS5 or SEofKingUniv should be helpful.


I can only deliver small, light items in the area South of Bloor, between Bathurst and Parliament, except Toronto Islands, as well as any TTC subway station. I require a minimum, non-refundable $10 prepayment to cover my transportation costs, preferably by Interac Email, with the balance due in cash on delivery. For a smooth transaction, please be sure to uniquely identify the meeting place and provide a description of yourself. In particular, subway stops have more than one exit so please specify it. Please see Conditions for more and for shipping. Please note that in order to deliver anything, I need to make at least 3 trips by TTC and especially around rush hour, there's a good chance I will be late due to TTC issues; if and when that happens, I will keep you updated by text/SMS.


Cash is preferred but other methods (except cheques or money orders, which I will never accept) may be agreed upon in advance. Payment is only accepted in person, unless we agree on some shipping method in advance. I might be able to accept PayPal in USD or Interac Email in CAD for payment in person - please let me know well in advance so that I can be prepared. For Interac Email, you may set a question with the answer nomoneyorder (no spaces). You may use the email address listed below.


Please let me know directly, given my availability and location above, when do you want to come and the exact item you want; if you are looking for a freebie, kindly use the method of contact described below in that section.
My smartphone is quite unreliable for voice communication and I prefer to answer queries by email or text. However, if you prefer voice communication, please call Andrei at 416-EXTRACT (i.e., 398-7228) then enter the 3-digit extension (9xx) from the ad or SMS the same number starting your message with the extension number, or email 4sale0125andrei@ezvoip.co
If you have come here directly, please see a link back to the ad in the first paragraph. It is best to SMS at the number above, in advance, as I may not have access to email remotely and note that I might reply from a different number. Also, please note that when entering the extension you should not press 9 twice, once is enough, you need to enter the digits at 1-2 seconds interval and may press a digit while a message is playing. Finally, I am often in noisy or non-private environments where I cannot answer the phone or return phone calls, which is why I prefer to conduct these transactions over email or SMS (text).


Until the end of 2020 I am offering my social media followers and to those who have donated to worthy causes many of the items I have for sale (i.e., large ones such as the monitor as well as kefir grains) free of charge, and if you live in Ward 10 (Spadina – Fort York), with optional free delivery. If you want to pick up a small charge applies as that takes more of my time - please see photos of the meeting place at the top of the page. Particular details for kefir are at the free kefir page. To take advantage of this offer, you will also have to complete the Contact Form at that page. When completing the form, be sure to indicate your social media account you followed from in the message as well as the quantity, and kindly provide as much detail as possible to save time; please also check “I want a gift”. Requests that do not follow the above may disqualify you from the free offer.

For more info on kefir, please see my draft guide at https://j.mp/kefiraz.

If you prefer to pay, just let me know directly when you want to come and quantity as described in the contact section , or you can complete the blog form for delivery and make a donation using the button at the bottom of my blog sidebar.

For the free kefir, I will mail or schedule delivery every Sunday evening or Monday morning. In the event that I get more orders than I can fulfill, I will prioritize using a few simple and straightforward criteria.
  1. Have we had any prior contact? I prefer to give my stuff away to people I have previously met.
  2. Do you follow me on social media? There are a few links above and also in the sidebar of my blog.
  3. Have you completed the contact form on my blog with as much detail as possible, indicating where you follow me (if applicable)? If I get too many orders, it might be difficult for me to determine who follows me and where, so unless you tell me, I might not know.
  4. I prefer to deliver to a mailbox or door in the downtown core, but to those followers who have completed my blog contact form I offer the possibility to pick up, if they so wish. I have described the pick up place and the conditions as accurately as possible. I cannot offer guidance beyond that. Please make sure you made a note of the meeting place as well as the automated ways to get the info if you lose it.
  5. Will you be picking up, do you want me to mail it or do you want personal delivery? I prefer personal delivery in the downtown core of Toronto (I get to exercise for free and I spend roughly the same amount of time as meeting someone for pick-up as most people still ask for directions), followed by pick-up and last on the list is mailing, as that costs me some money and time.
  6. Have you ever made a donation to my campaign or any other charity? This is not necessary, but I will give preference to those who have, so be sure to mention this when completing the contact form.
  7. For all of the above being equal, in the event of too many orders, I will consider them in the order they were received.

Spread the word about this sale with the photo album, the flyer, the short URL for this page ( http://goo.gl/PWISqY ) or the barcode matrix:


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