Motorola Moto E4 Black cracked screen

I have recently cracked the screen of my "daily use" phone and had to switch to an older, backup phone. I did not have the time yet to try to fix it, and since I might end up getting another one soon, I am listing it here.

a photo of my actual cracked screen Moto E4If this phone interests you at all, please make me an offer. The original, sold by Amazon - -, is locked to Verizon (mine was unlocked by me) and retails for around USD $90+20 S&H. As the current exchange rate is about 1.25556, the total should be CDN $138.11

I still have the original (fast) charger + cable and a perfectly fitting protecting cover.

I have ordered a new screen from eBay, but there’s no guarantee that I will receive it, though it’s likely I’ll get it before the end of July. At this point in time, I’m only interested in recovering some of my encrypted data.

The phone was purchased toward the end of 2017, unlocked and used until the beginning of July 2019, when it was smashed. I am not too sure what is worth, but I am willing to entertain any offer.

If interested, please make me an offer by email at 4sale0125andrei at ezvoip dot co, or call/text using the extension number in the ad.

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